How Do You Give Back Giveaway Winners

First Name Last Name How I Give Back
Jackie A. whenever we "outgrow" our clothes, accessories and fashion magazines we donate it to a local fashion school.
Teresa A. I try to give back by helping out people around me.
Christina A. My husband and I spend time over the holidays feeding those who cannot afford holiday meals for their's the BEST feeling!
Jesse A. I donate clothes to goodwill and food to local food bank. I recycle, and try to be nice and kind to the people around me.
Stephanie A. I give back by giving things to helping others, such as a bus pass to an elder, sandwiches to the homeless, coats & boots to kids & homes to strays animals. I try to do the best I can!
Christine A. We coupon to get food, clothes and other items our local food bank needs all year round. We also volunteer packing the food boxes for those families.
Logan A. donating monthly to local goodwills etcs..
Julie A. volunteer :)
Danea A. My making sure that everyone I encounter feels loved
Jessica L. B. we support several no kill animal shelters and rescue organizations because every animal deserves a happy life!
J-Nice M. B. Shared..I give back by giving of myself in any way I can whenever possible...always different situations.
Serena B. I give back by donationg money to different causes
Mimi B. I donate food and cloths and also recycle :)
Kelly B. I try to conserve energy and donate.
Brielle B. I collected dolls for girls, adopted a paralyzed dog, and fundraiser for shelter dogs.
Emma B. I give back by recycling as often as possible, and volunteering at the local no kill animal shelter :)
PD B. I give back to the community by tutoring adult ESL classes for Literacy Advance of Houston. I have a class at a public library and another at a public school. Sharing the gift of literacy is the best and easy way to affect change in the community and possibly the world.
Lisa T. B. I recycle, give clothing to local collection spots and conserve energy
Katie B. I back to the environment.
Brandi B. I donate to food shelters when ever I can
Mary B. I donate to all an who i can weather it be clothing or cash an sometimes just a smile or a friendly hello to make someones day brighter
Emma B. I give all mu used goods to good will, I am my mothers caretaker 24 hours a day, I put food out for all the strays in the neighborhood
Margherita B. recycling and donating clothes
Cheryl B. I give time at a local nursing home.
Dorothy B. I have been a team mom for all my three kids sports and I ask that they bring a can good in the season of each of their three sports to help the local food pantry. I am a volunteer religion teacher and just in general try to help my fellow neighbor where and when I can.
Adam J. B. I always try to help out people in need or just going through ruff times even military families
Lisa B. I donate old clothes to the Vets and dog food to the humane society
Angie B. I try to give back by always helping people out like I've been helped out before instead of asking for $ for things I just give them away to people I know that need help!!!!!
Michaella B. I recycle and pick up trash around the community. I also donate clothes to our clothes closet
Kylee B. I recycle; donate most of the freebies I get to Salvation Army & to shelters. I do my best to help out those in need-which is very important to me!!
Michelle A. B. Volunteer with greyhound groups, gave one a ride from Orlando to Jacksonville last month
Linda B. I give back to the community by volunteering every year for our Christmas Tea which raises funds for local families in need.
Amy W. B. I give back by trying to help out others in anyway that I can.
Cathy B. I am concerned about our environment and volunteer with a local naturalist group. I also donate unused items to charity.
Deb B. I have been volunteering with our local GS community for the last 5 years. To help the environment I have a butterfly habitat garden and a really good rainwater collection system.
Shanna C. I just try to make the world a better place for anything and anyone anyway I possibly can! It might just be giving someone a hug!
Maria C. Donating items to charity.
Erika C. We recycle, donate school clothes and coats to a charity for low income families, donate toys to Toys for Tots and I volunteer at my son's school.
Erica C. i do the 3R's, i don't wast water, i keep the earth, i clean up were it is not clean, and i donate my time and energey to good causes.
Kasey C. I donate clothes and food and I always buy toys for the angel tree at christmas
Melissa C. im part of the schools PTA! lots of fundraisers and events for the community!
Dawn C. I frequently donate household items and unused baby items.
Joyce C. i recycle, and donate clothes :)
Molly C. I'm in girl scouts, and we will do many odd jobs to help those in need, like make sandwiches for the homeless.
Amanda C. I recycle everything possible and regularly go through my clothes to donate to goodwill. I also donate to a church that provides for the needy.
Rosary C. I give back to the community by helping the elders down the street with yard work and taking out their trash to the curb.
Diana C. we try to use green products, recycle stuff if we can and buy local when we can.
Lindsey C. i give back by donating the items that i can no longer need like diapers clothes etc and helping people in possible way i can
Missy C. I give my sons clothes that he cant wear anymore to kids in need
Emily Z. C. sharing is caring
Dacia D. i donate money to my church for the sick less fortunate and shut-in people in my community
Melissa D. As a childhood cancer survivor I give to The American Cancer society and walk in The Relay For Life and other cancer charities.I also donate clothes and misc items to the MS society in honor of my sister.
Raine D. I give back by helping my local shelter with fundraising, donations, and fostering when it's really needed. I also give back to online animal organizations by sharing their links, voting for them to win much needed supplies, and sharing auctions they have for fundraising also. I don't have alot of money to donate so I help using all of the social networks, and even phone calls and visits locally for the donations. It may not be much-but a little adds up and others follow by example!
Nechama D. recycle, help poor families, donate
Heather D. would love to win and yes i shared like always! I donate to animal shelters and donate clothing etc to those in need!
Emily D. My family gives back by recycling and reusing !
Lisa D. Volunteering at the food bank
Diana D. The town I live in does not have a program that helps with rescuing stray cats. I took it upon myself to trap a colony of 27 cats over a period of 2 months and got them all spayed/neutered, vaccinated and ear tattooed (for ID) and re-released them. It's called TNR (trap/neuter/return). Now these cats can no longer have any more kittens and spaying them also makes them more calm and social. It's something that is such a simple fix for an over-abundance of strays but sadly, most townships do not recognize it. I paid for it all out of pocket but now I can feel more at ease that the cat population will not grow in my mother's development. These cats will always have food, water and outdoor shelters we made and they can live a more peaceful life without constantly giving birth to litters of kittens.
Curtis-Chelsea D. by being a stay at home mom. i love love love my kids, but sacrificed a lot of my time when we decided i would stay at home with them. i don't get a lot of personal time anymore (yeah right, any lol) but i wouldn't have it any other way
Taylor D. I conserve energy, and spend time with animals
Shauni D. Donate clothes to charity and recycle.
Deborah D. I volunteer at my church, American Red Cross and help someone that was diagnosed with breast cancer
Kathy E. I volunteer with children that need extra help with schoolwork.
Darnelle E. I help sharing food and just listening when people need to talk a kind word or a smile works wonders
Sheryl E. I give back by donating & volunteering at the local Food Bank!
Christina E. I give back by going to Africa for a month during the year and helping build schools and such. I'm actually going next month!
Toonces C. E. I donate to the local spca shelter, recycle as much as possible, and donate gently used unwanted items to charity.
Jasmin E. I coupon to donate to community shelters and programs.
Toniann F. I donate clothing on a monthly basis.
Donna F. I give back by always asking others if they need help and I try to buy food, clothes and other products that are made in ways that don't harm the environment.
Serenity F. I donate clothes and go around the neighborhood clean up trash and collect recycle.
Valerie S. F. I give to Goodwill
Jennifer C. F. I donate toys, clothes that my family no longer needs.
Deborah F. I work in the local Fitness Center and care for my seniors in our community, I like hearing what they have to say and encourage them to keep moving.
Shellee F. help by volunteering at local shelters or food banks
Lisa F. I teach yoga,to kids and adults.
Yuliana G. I give back by donating to the local cancer organization
Jessica G. I try and do a lot for the church when i can !
Freebies G. I donate household items, clothing and food to various charities. I also volunteer my time to organizations. I also love to share information about charities on Facebook and other social networking sites. Around the holidays, I love to work inside the community centers and when it's not the holidays, I tutor children who cannot afford professional assistance.
Katherine G. I advocate and share all the animals I can that are posted every day on Facebook and twitter. I try to convince at least one person to adopt a shelter animal every day.
Colleen G. I donate to good will
Lola G. volunteering
An G. liked share and I give back by recycling
Angela G. donate our lightly used clothes an items to a local group called " clothes for kids", that lets familys come in and get what they need for free
Maree G. I Volunteer @ the Local Senior Citizen's Kitchen ... Love It!
Denise G. My time to clean local parks.
Deborah G. I help where I can
Rahi G. be helping someone in out free coupons and/or products or food stuff to those who actually need...ty!
Athena H. I give back by keeping awareness up
Sara H. I volunteer my time with the American Ferret Association to promote, protect and provide for the domesticated ferret.
Patricia H. I give back to my community by supporting local Boys and Girls Club, I give back to my family by being there to listen and support and all the wife and motherly duties, I give back to the environment by recycling and purchasing eco friendly products.
Monica H I work with World Vision, a non-profit international organization, through the Sponsor a Child program to support kids who cannot afford basic necessities in life, including food, water, shelter, education, etc.
Amanda H. I give back by always trying to do something for atleast one person everyday!! A kind word, a giift etc..
Marlo H. I belong to a online support group for people who have cats with renal failure. I stay very active with that, besides taking care of my cat that also has renail failure.
Melissa M. H. Donate and volunteer with dog rescue!
Amelia H. Volunteer at the State Parks here in Missouri, recycle paper, cans, glass, adopt all my pets from shelters, volunteer at kids school
Annie H. We started keeping our plastic jars and reusing them! It keeps more trash out of the landfills and it shows my 2 boys that you always try to reduce, reuse, recycle! :-)
Earen L. H. I donate to charities, work for a non-profit, conserve energy, promote sustainability and environmental responsibility, help my neighbors when ever I can.
Wendy I. liked and shared i help by giving handmade gloves, hats scarfes and school supplies to the abuse shelter
Alla I. I help whoever I can too
Candice J. I give back by participating in efforts sponsered by my church.
Sarah J. I'd give back to those in need because I've been in the position myself where I didn't have anything. I volunteer a lot to help the needy and will volunteer soon for the Soup Kitchen..
Natalie J. I walk for charity
Paula J. I recycle
Leah R. K. I help by volunteering at local animal shelters!
Phool K. I donate
Dayna K. I donate to shelters
Cherie K. Volunteering
Elizabeth K. I give to local charity shops
Barbara K. volunteer, fundraise and donate are the three words of tzedakah in my toolbox for giving back.
Jeannette N. L. As a community nurse, I take much pride in taking good care of my community. Presently, my father in law is requiring quite a bit of care as he fell and broke his arm. Between my husband and I we are doing our best to help in every way we can. Thanks for a great contest and the chance to win!;-)
Amy W. L. I give to goodwill! :)
Angel L. i give back by recycling
Darlene L. liked and shared we voluteer at local animal shelters and also at keep presque isle beautiful its our sort of beach on lake erie.
Deen L. liked and shared my girlfriend and i go to the the local shelter and volunteer on fridays and saturdays
Terri L. I volunteer at my childrens school and donate clothes to the shelters.
Karen L. B. I will give back by donating my time to my community.
Svitlana L. I donate to goodwill and my church!!!
Patricia L. we donate our services ac/heating to low income families through our church
Kathy M. We find ways to recycle as much as we can, and encourage others to do so! (Thank you Mother Earth)
Lisa M. thru volunteer work with the elderly at a retirement village
Denise M. I help the homeless
Marta M. My greatest joy are my grandchildren. I give back to my family with love, patience, and devotion.
Nancy S. M. I donate to goodwill and salvation army several times a year
Elizabeth M. M. I give back to my community by cleaning up trash that people let lay on the ground, we need to keep our environment clean and beautiful like we would our bodies!! :)
Lisa T. M. I give back by donating to various charities and giving my time at my son's school!
Meghan J. M. I coupon for pet food and cleaning supplies and donate them to the SPCA. When I have money and my own place I hope I will be able to do more, Like foster animals.
Tracy M. love helping others
Pam M. I help seniors in my area get to doctors appointments, grocery stores or whatever errands they may have. Also arrange to have their personal things taken care of( laundry, house cleaning etc)Being a disabled senior myself, I know how important these things are , especially if you cannot do them yourself.
Pallavi M. I give back by not wasting water
Mercedes M. I donate to the homeless
Celia M. I help whoever I can, buy things with less packaging, recycle, compost, conserve water, adopt elderly pets from shelters and donate clothing and time to a thriftshop that benefits the mentally ill.
Pamela S. N. I donate to Goodwill, Homeless Shelters, Recycle, & Most important...Grow out my hair then donate it to Locks Of Love so, kids with cancer can have a wig ....
Mary D. N. I donate, volunteer at my kids school, recycle....
Roxanne O. working with under prilvege and special needs children,
Jewels O. I donate to a baby book club
Tina W. P. recycling and helping at school
Misty P. My stepdaughter and I sew clothing and blankets for the women and children's homeless shelter in our area. We love to see the excitement on their faces when we drop off the items. My six kids all end up playing with the kids there while I unload. It teaches my kids to give back. My youngest ones look around their playroom for toys to bring the homeless children and I love how selfless its made all my children who are at the most selfish age that kids can be( 4,5,6,10,12 and 15)♥
Paulina P. the family and I do 5k runs for causes. the money earned helps out with various charities and people in need.
Jennifer P. we donate books to our local library, we donate food to the local food pantry also clothes and winter coats to the church
Pamm P. Feeding the hungry recycling donating my time.
Nyeasia P. I give back by volunteering to young girls!
Margaret M. P. I volunteer for the Soup Bowl, I collect groceries for the homeless at church and deliver them. I recycle newspaper, plastic and cardboard.
Annette P. I donate lots of goods to the local women's shelter. *shared*
Nida Q. i donate the things i love to poor and needy, because give those things to poor that you like not those you want to trash
Carolyn R. I donate to St. Jude and help friends as much as possible with clothing and toys and food
Kendell R. I donate to local animal shelters:)
Daun R. its a beautiful thing to pay it forward.. i care for tortoises and turtles. Also, i have gone green to help save resources. #198
Aicha R. I help whoever I can
Dana R. I like to use my local Freecycle to share with my community!
Kandy R. Donate to the shelters and recycle
Brandey R. Volunteering at a local animal shelter and helping to raise money for different things at school.
Belma S. by recycling, donating, and most importantly caring for others.
Rosalie S. I will give back by not wasting energy and join organization that plant trees.
Shannon S. We donate our time to charity and donate money too
Carolyn S. I try to help by giving to charity and taking food to friends
Amanda S. I donate items to charity and help all animals
Heta S. I teach our native language at a Sunday school
Courtney S. I give by donating money to local charities and soup kitchens.
Tenita R. S. i donate to the homeless shelter and always join the breast cancer run
Elizabeth S. W I volunteer at a wild bird sanctuary, where we nurse baby birds back to health.
Margaret S. I donate my time at a museum
Phyllis S. Donating financially when I'm able to.
Barb S. I am an activist for environmental concerns.
Paula P. S. I recycle & help those in need.
Penny H. S. I give back by donating to Goodwill!
Julie H. S. I donate clothing to local charities as well as food to the local food bank.
Andrea S. I give back by spending free time helping at my local Humane Society. Whether I'm helping clean cages, walking dogs, or helping with fundraising, I'm always happy to lend a hand to animals in need.
Talsha S. I help anyone who needs help. And I recycle/upcycle.
Barb S. Im a global citizen
Rebecca S. I will give back by joining the USMC.
Angela S. S. I give back by donating items to the missionary and volunteering.
Rachel S. we donate stuff in the houe we don't use / need to charity
Jesse S. Donating clothes
Belinda S. I collect recyclable materials and donate it for art classes. I donate clothing and other items.
Jesse T. i am very concerned about people with cancer, i have lost a friend, a friends father, and i have donated my time and money for research to help fight the disease.
Nicci T. I volunteer :)
Nancy T. I volunteer at the pet shelter, and do what i can.
Kelly T. I donate clothes
Glenda J. T. I give back by donating regularly to goodwill. Goodwill employs those that otherwise may not be able to find work.
Denise T. My family recycles everything we can and pass along used clothes, furniture etc to local ministries.
Sharon T. I will give back by donation
Shirlee T. Do some random kindness to a stranger. Yesterday I help to provide a needed prop for her non-profit foundation to help underprivileged teens.
Eva W. Recycling, volunteering and trying to be the best mom that I can be.
Chelsea W. Donating clothes
Evelyn W. I give back by donating to various charities and local organizations.
Allison W. I donate clothing
Connie H. W. I give books to the library.
Debra W. i work with alzhiemer victims
Wally W. I donate our recycled cans and other items to good causes.
Bess W. I donate to the womans shelter, volunteer for the humaine society, plus I donated 32 inches of hair for the "pink hearts fund"
Terry L. W. I pick-up garbage on the streets and on the sidewalks about 2 blocks by my house,especially by the elderly.
Nancy W. I work at the American Legion. We send care packages to the troops, help local vets, and support our local children.
SugarBaby W. I volunteer with meals on wheels and visit children with cancer and sing for them and read to them. I recycle and give to the homeless.#182
Eugenie W. I give back by recycling paper, glass and plastic bottles.
Kay Z. I recycle, volunteer in my community! Shared! #181
Sarah P. Z. i give back by not wasting water
Cristeanuh Z. I always donate to shelters whether its clothes, canned goods or just everyday things that they might need.
Lisa A. S. i donate to charities