Step-By-Step Guide for Customers

Step-By-Step Guide for Customers

Navigating Through the AHAVA Addicts Loyalty Site

 Managing Your AHAVA Addicts Account
  • If you want to check the status of your points (pending points, approved points) and/or get a more detailed summary of your Ahava Addicts Account (account history, points earned, rewards redeemed etc, click on “My Account” on the upper right section of the page  (between Log out and Email Sign up).
  • You will be taken to “My Dashboard”. The first box on this page shows you Points Summary and “Visit My Points and Rewards Section”. This will take you to where you can view your Ahava Addicts Account details. You can also get to this page by clicking on “My Points & Rewards” tab on the left (second tab from last) . Please see below for where you can find these (circled in red)
  • The “My Points and Rewards” Page ( show your Points Balance, your AHAVA Addicts Points Catalog customized to you (free products available for you, based on your Tier and points), and a detailed account history of points earnings and spendings. Please see below:

 Earning Points through Referrals

  • You can see your referral activity by going to the “My Referrals” Page ( To go to this page, click on “My Referrals” tab on the left; it is the last tab from the list of My Account tabs and is right under “My Points and Rewards” tab which you clicked on before. See below, in red square:
  • The “My Referrals” Page shows your unique referral information such as your referral URL, personal referral code and referral email.
  • You can refer the AHAVA Addicts program to your friends and family in two ways:

1- By sharing your referral URL, referral code or email with your friends and family.  They will enter in this information while signing up, to be identified as your referrals and earn you points with their actions.

2. Or you can directly refer the  Program to your friends and family from the “Send Invitations” Section on this page. You can find “Send Invitations” section under your referral information (code, URL, email). Enter in the email addresses of those you want to send invitations to in the “TO:” box. You can write your own message in the Optional Message box and click on the “Send Invitations” button. See below:


  • Scroll down under the Send Invitations section above, to see details of your referrals (who you’ve referred when ) as well as the points you have earned through each referral:


Earning Points Through Purchases

  • You can earn points through every purchase you place on the site. Every $1 you spend will earn you 1 point. The bigger your purchase, the more points you earn.  
  • You can see how many points each purchase will earn you in your shopping cart before you place your order.
  • Place all the items you want to order in your shopping cart.
  • Under the items in your shopping cart, you will see how many points your purchase will earn you, right above the Subtotal of the order. Please see below (red arrow):

 Reedeeming Using Your Points

Points Catalog

  • After accumulating enough points, you can redeem products and other gifts from your Points Catalog for free by spending your points.
  • You can see your Points Catalog on 2 different pages:

1) The basic version of your Points Catalog can be found on the “My Points and Rewards” Page ( The “My Points and Rewards” page focuses on giving a more detailed account of your overall AHAVA Addicts Account. This is why the Points Catalog on this page does not include anything other than product thumbnails and product names.

  2)  “My Points” Page ( which is a summary of your AHAVA Addicts Account. On this page, a more detailed version of your Points Catalog (3-4 free products you can redeem with your points) can be found right below the basic account information like points summary, Tier and recent activity. See below: 

  • The Points Catalog on “My Points” Page is the same Points Catalog as the one on “My Points and Rewards. It is just a more detailed version which includes product descriptions and how many points each product is worth.
  • Because you can see your total points balance in the upper left box and the points you need for each product (in red under the product description), you can see which of the items you can redeem. You can also see how many more points you need to earn to redeem a product, if you haven’t acquired enough points yet.
  • In the example shown in the image above, the customer has 3645 points, enough to redeem the Mineral Hand Cream for free (2300 points) and the Travel-Size Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash (1000 Points). But not enough for the Dead Sea Osmoter Body Concentrate (4500 points). The customer needs to earn at least another 855 points through purchases, referrals and/or social behaviors, to be able to redeem this item for free.
  • If a customer has enough to redeem all three products on the Points Catalog (7800 points or more), she/he may do so.
  • Please note, customers in different tiers will see different items in their Points Catalog. This is because all 3 tiers have different group of items that are made available to them to redeem.  
  • For example, if you are in “Tier 1 – Preferred”, that means you haven’t made any purchases yet and the only item you can redeem is our Digital Dead Sea Wallpaper, which you can download.
  • If you are Tier 2 – Elite, you have made purchases of up $500 in the past and are now eligible to redeem deluxe products if you have enough points in your account. You will see these 3-4 redeemable deluxe products, which change monthly, and their points value in your Points Catalog.
  • If you are in Tier 3 – AHAVA Addict, you have made purchases of at least $500 or more, and are eligible to redeem full-size products from your Points Catalog if you have enough points in your account. The 3-4 redeemable full-size products in your Points Catalog will change monthly.
  • A full-size product you see in your Points Catalog and is redeemable with points, may not be available in the Points Catalog the following month. If that happens, you can still order this product: Place in your shopping cart and purchase it normally, rather than getting it for free by spending points.

Redeeming Products from your Points Catalog for Free

  • Go to your Points Catalog, showing the items/products you can redeem for free.
  • If you are on the Points Catalog on the My Points page, you will see how many points is required to redeem the products (in red, under the product description).
  • Click on a product you have enough points for. For example, in the screenshot below, the customer has 3645 points, enough to redeem Mineral Hand Cream. Click on the Mineral Hand Cream Image or name:
  • Clicking on the product will take you to the product page. On the product page (Mineral Hand Cream), you will see the points value of the product (how many points the product will cost you: 3000 points) rather than $ price amount ($30 Value). This will be corrected to 2300 points/$23 value.
  • Click on Add to Cart, and then go to your shopping cart.
  • In your shopping cart, the unit price and the subtotal amount of the product/item you are redeeming from your Points Catalog will be in points value (3000 points) rather than $ value.
  • Other products in your cart (products outside of the Points Catalog) will have the unit price and subtotal in $ price value. Example: The value of the Travel Size Mineral Hand Cream in the cart above is $10.
  • You can also see the total points amount you are spending from your points balance (shown with the red arrow) on the right bottom corner of the page. Above where it shows how many points the order will earn you and the order subtotal.
  • Click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button as you would place a normal order.
  • The free redeemable product will be delivered with the other products in your order.

Getting Discounts on Purchases of $60 or More with Your Points

  • Place products worth more than a subtotal of $60 in your cart.
  • Once the subtotal of the purchase exceeds $60, go to your shopping cart.
  • A slider will appear on the left bottom corner of your Shopping Cart page.
  • You can get a discount in the increments of $5 by moving the slider with your cursor to the right.
  • Every move to the right will give you a discount of $5.
  • Every $5 will cost you 500 points from your points account. If you move the slider to the right twice, that means you are spending 1000 points to get $10 off your purchase of $60+.
  • The subtotal breakdown on the bottom right corner of the page will also automatically update itself to reflect this change. See below:
  • In the image above, the amount of points you are spending on the slider for the discount is shown in red.
  • The amount of points you are spending to redeem the discount in the Subtotal breakdown is shown in dark blue.
  • The amount of $ discount you are getting on your order is shown in purple.
  • You can get up to $30 off your order of $60+, by adjusting the slider to spend 3000 points if you have enough.
  • You can also automatically do this by clicking on the box under the slider, which reads “Maximize My Discount with Points”
  • Place your order by clicking on the “Proceed to Checkout” as you would with any other order.


Customers need to be signed in to redeem rewards.

Spending Points Towards Redeeming

100 Points = $1 when redeeming products or discounts

Product Example: A $32 value product will cost the customer 3200 points. If the customer has sufficient points, he/she can use 3200 points towards getting this product for free. The checkout process will be the same as placing a normal order but the “payment” will be with points. Points do not cover shipping charges.

Discount Example: $5 off $60 will cost the customer 500 points from their points balance. If the customer has sufficient points, she/he can use 500, 1000, 1500 points from their balance to get discounts in the increments of $5


Tier 1 Preferred - Rewards and Benefits

Tier 2 Elite - Rewards and Benefits


Tier 3 AHAVA Addict - Rewards and Benefits


Managing AHAVA Addicts Loyalty Account

  1. Click on “My Points” Tab on the far right of the top Loyalty Navigation Bar
  2. Or Click on “My Points” Box on the bottom right side of the Main Loyalty Page.
  3. If not already logged in, this page will prompt the customers to log in using their email address and password.
  4. Once logged in, My Points will show Customers how many points they have acquired, what tier they are in and the deluxe or full-size products they can redeem using their points (if they have sufficient points.
  5. If the customer wants to see a more detailed account of points (a breakdown of earnings, how many points, actions that earned points etc), he/she can click on “My Account” on the upper right corner of the page. And then click on My Points & Rewards tab from the list of tabs (2nd last tab) on the left side of the My Account Page. This will lead the customer to a page showing Points Summary, Earnings and Spendings in more detail than the My Points Page.
  6. The customer can refer a friend and keep a track of his or her referrals on the My Referrals page. The customer can get to this page through clicking on the My Referrals tab (last tab) from the list of tabs on the left, under My Points & Rewards tab, on the My Account page.
  7. My Referrals page includes the Referral URL, Referral Code/ Referral email which the customer’s referrals can enter during checkout or sign up.
  8. My Referrals also allows the customers to send an Ahava Addicts Invite/Referral Email with an optional customized message, manage Referral Preferences and keep track of the customer’s list of referrals/referral points.